Knysna Elephant Pencil Drawing

The Knysna Elephant 2015
Dimensions: 900x700mm
Medium: pencil on paper.

The elusive, free-ranging Knysna elephant, the last of its kind left roaming the indigenous forests just north of the coastal town of Knysna in South Africa. It is the same species as the African Elephant.
Much controversy exists as to whether more elephants may still inhabit this forest, or indeed if elephants should be reintroduced there to restore their previous ecological role.

It is unusual for elephant cows to be alone, as they are very social animals, usually occurring in breeding herds. This image is a stark reminder that we don’t always know as much as we think we do, and that even our best intentions can sometimes result in unintended consequences.


The Knysna Elephant in 2015

The approximate range of the Knysna Elephant 2016

This drawing is available in London at the Osborne Studio Gallery

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elephant drawing
“The Knysna Elephant” Pencil Drawing – with solid Oak Frame.

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