Coral tree – Erythrina caffra

Coral treeErythrina caffra

Acrylic on canvas, 14×18 inches (355mmx455mm) October 2010
No 2 in the Leaf series. This painting is an interpretation of the leaf of the Coral tree – Erythrina caffra, found in Southern Africa. It flowers in winter with bright red flowers, and also loses it’s leaves in winter, making the tree quite spectacular in flower. There are some really good examples of these trees in the Alexandria Forest North East of Port Elizabeth. The seeds are also bright red, and commonly called “lucky beans” When i was at school, I collected bags of the seeds which was being used for cancer research, R5 was paid per bag.
Doing this painting, I was interested in the form of the leaf – (this one had some defects from insects eating it) and the space the form occupies. the colours delineate the form and allude to the background environment in which the leaf occurs. The blue vein down the center divides the form using the golden ratio to try to link into the natural balance in the form.
More nformation on the Coral tree here

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